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“The third and most famous story involved not a duke or a king but an emperor, specifically the young Emperor Ai of the Han Dynasty. According to the Han historian Ban Gu, the emperor once sought to rise when his lover Dong Xian had fallen asleep on the sleeve of his robe. Rather than disturb him, the emperor cut off his own sleeve and appeared in public in this mutilated state. Thereafter, reputedly, his courtiers adopted similar abbreviations of clothing to celebrate the love affair.”

– Duan xiu pian (Records Of The Cut Sleeve). For nearly two thousand years in Chinese literature, homosexual love was referred to as “the cut sleeve”. (via homosexualityandcivilization)

Every time I see something spooky and I start to get excited for Halloween way too far in advance a voice in my head is just like

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kazekageerin asked: Woah you like wolfs rain?

lol yeah, I just haven’t ever posted much about it (if anything?) before. I actually watched it like 6-ish years ago and was pretty awestruck. I even dreamt really messed up dreams about it. I think the reason I don’t think about it much is because the ending was so tragic that I tried to repress the whole series XD


My first girl crush was on an anime character…


and she was actually a dog…


who was actually a wolf.


It was a very confusing time.

In the white freeze, I never spoke of tears
Or opened up to anyone including myself
I would like to find a way to open to you
Been awhile, don’t know if I remember how to

I’m here waiting on the edge
Would I be alright showing myself to you?
It’s always been so hard to do…

  • SNK Fandom: Attack on Titan is so sad. A lot of the characters die.